PhD thesis defense and visit of Myriam Bonose to the Marien Ngouabi University of Brazzaville

06 May 2023 par clavaguera
Participation in a PhD committee and in the setting up of future teaching and research collaborations

In the framework of the inter-university agreements signed between the Marien Ngouabi University of Brazzaville in Congo and the Paris-Saclay University, and the addendum to these agreements linking the Unité de Chimie du Végétal et de la Vie (UC2V), headquarters of the Pôle d'Excellence Régional de l'Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie "Formation et Recherche sur la Pharmacopée et la Médecine Traditionnelles Africaines (PER-AUF-PMTA)" and the former LETIAM team, Myriam Bonose was co-supervisor of the PhD thesis of the Congolese student Snelle Miakayizila Baonda, called Baki, on the "Criblage chimique et pharmacologique de plantes présumées antidiabétiques en médecine traditionnelle".
The thesis defence took place in Brazzaville on 19 April 2023. The doctoral student received her doctoral degree with very honourable mention and congratulations from the jury.
During her stay in Brazzaville from 17 April to 24 April 2023, in addition to being a member of the defence jury, Myriam Bonose was invited by the President of the Denis Sassou N'Guesso University of Kintélé, along with university professors from Congo, Togo, Chad, Côte d'Ivoire, Senegal, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Gabon, to take part in working meetings on future teaching and research collaborations. (See photos).

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