Composite Photocatalysts (Conjugated Polymer Nanostructures/TiO2) for Solar Fuels Production and Water Treatment

Composite Photocatalysts (Conjugated Polymer Nanostructures/TiO2) for Solar Fuels Production and Water Treatment

Supervisor: Hynd REMITA
Financement : Concours ED
Groupe scientifique : TEMiC

Solar light is a green and renewable source of energy that has been used in photocatalysis for either water and air depollution or hydrogen production.
We have shown that conjugated polymer nanostructures are very promising for photocatalysis under UV and visible light. The main challenge of the PhD project will be the design of composite conjugated polymer nanostructures/TiO2 photocatalysts modified with cocatalyst based on metal nanoparticles
induced by radiolysis for water and air treatment and solar fuels production (hydrogen generation and CO2 reduction).
Hexagonal and lamellar mesophases, which consist of quaternary systems (surfactant, brine, oil, and co-surfactant) are used as soft templates to synthesize conjugated polymer nanostructures.
The polymer nanostructures will be coupled with TiO2 to decrease the electron hole recombination and increase the photocatalytic activity both under UV and visible light.
These nanostructures (NSs) will be used for water and air depollution (volatile organic compounds (VOC) abatement).
The composite NSs will be modified with nanoparticles (based on abundant elements) induced by radiolysis for water splitting, hydrogen production and CO2 reduction.
This multidisciplinary project will be done in close collaboration with scientists who have a strong expertise in physical chemistry, photocatalysis, material science, and soft matter physics.

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Contacts: Hynd Remita

Hynd Remita - Contacter
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