ELYSE is a unique national platform in Europe, dedicated to pulsed radiolysis and equipped with an electron gas pedal (4-9 MeV), picosecond pulses (5-15 ps), coupled with optical detection by streak camera, pump-probe system. This platform is part of the national network of gas pedals for the analysis and irradiation of materials and molecules led by the CNRS. This platform contributes to the following scientific and technological fields:
• Chemistry under ionizing radiation,
• Fast kinetics, Time resolved spectroscopy
• Processes in nuclear chemistry
• Radiation biochemistry, DNA damage, Radiosensitization, Oxidative stress
• Electron transfer and solvation dynamics
• Electrolyte degradation
• Polymer and nanoparticles synthesis
• CO2 conversion and water depollution

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Technical manager : Jean Phillipe Larbre
Scientific manager: Mehran Mostafavi
For specific spectroscopical detections: Sergey Denisov

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