Technical Platforms

Panoramic Irradiator

The Institute of Physical Chemistry is the only French university entity to have a panoramic irradiation source, located in Ile de France, unique in the academic world by its activity (7000 Ci) and by its variable and adjustable dose rates from 0.00004 to 50 Gy/min. This source can irradiate, with energies of 1.17 to 1.3 MeV, samples of all sizes up to 2 meters.
This panoramic 60Co irradiation source of gamma photon radiation is used for research in various fields such as the synthesis of nano-objects, electrocatalysis, radiolysis in a confined environment, the analysis of primary processes due to radiation itself or to radiation-induced oxidative stress in peptides and proteins.
The source is used on average 6400 hours/year and was recharged in 2013 by obtaining credits for an amount of 400 k€.
It is also used by researchers outside the Institute of Physical Chemistry, within the framework of research collaborations, with or without user agreement.

A service provision activity is also offered to the academic and industrial world. It is managed by members of the TEMiC group.

For any request, contact the manager :
Panoramic Irradiator Manager : Mehran Mostafavi (Prof.)
Operations Manager : Alexandre Demarque (Study Engineer)

Plateform SpectroImaging et Cytometry SpICy

The SpICy platform gathers a plate reader, a set of optical microscopes and a flow cytometer allowing various studies of spectro-analysis and spectro-microscopy in fluorescence. Some of these devices are working in "Service" mode, the others are in collaborative access or on demand. The laboratory has all the necessary infrastructures for the manipulation of prokaryotic and mammalian cells (L2 culture lab and autoclave in particular).

Analysis of complex mixtures

Our liquid chromatography and gas chromatography on line with mass spectrometry are located on the site of the IUT of Paris Saclay University (Building 602).

This equipment is used at the ICP for research concerning the qualitative and quantitative analysis of lipids, metabolites and peptides.

This equipment is also available to teams outside the ICP as part of collaborations or through invoiced services.

Link to the detailed description of the equipments

For any request, contact the manager : Kaouther Ben Arfa Haddad

Computing cluster and softwares

A computing cluster of more than 80 multi-core machines, for a total of more than 1000 cores, is accessible through a job management system administrated by a master computer, which also acts as a file server. Most of the cluster is located in the server room at Institut de Mathématique Orsay, and a second part is hosted in the energy-efficient facility of the University Paris-Saclay, called VirtualData.

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