Scientific Environment


ICP is mainly part of the Institute of Chemistry (INC) at CNRS, with also several researchers from Institutes of Physics (INP) and of Biological Sciences (INSB).
Because of its multidisciplinarity, ICP is included in several graduate schools of Paris-Saclay University (Chemistry, Life Science and Health, Physics) and is highly involved in the emergence of new federating projects such as interdisciplinary objects (liste à venir en 2021). This work is a continuation of the ICP members investment in scientific exchanges within the federation of Physical Chemistry at Paris-Saclay (CPPS).
The ICP research teams take part mainly in the PALM, NanoSaclay and CHARMMAT LabEx.

Doctoral Schools

PhD students generally belong to the following doctoral schools :

Sciences Chimiques : Molécules, Matériaux, Instrumentation et Biosystèmes (2MIB)
Signalisations et réseaux intégratifs en biologie (BIOSIGNE)
Ecole doctorale onde et matière (EDOM)

Federation of Reseach

CPPS : the Federation of Physical Chemistry at Paris-Saclay (CPPS) was created in 2012, in order to promote Physical Chemistry in terms of research and teaching at the local, national and international levels.
TGE FT-ICR : the Federation FR3624 CNRS aims to propose a delocalized hosting structure so that the national scientific community can benefit from equipment and skills in the high-resolution mass spectrometry field. These performances can be essential in biological and proteomic analysis, in materials science or in environmental analysis.