Analytical Chemistry, Physicochemistry and Reactivity of Ions

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The research activities of the Analytical Chemistry, Physicochemistry and Reactivity of Ions group are based on an expertise in instrumentation, mass spectrometry and separation methods for the development and application of fundamental themes: spectroscopy and reactivity of isolated ions, and analytical themes: real-time trace measurement and coupling with mass spectrometry of ion mobility and separation techniques of liquid and gas chromatography for the research and identification of biomarkers, small peptides and proteins .
The group brings together 20 researchers and teacher-researchers and 3 support staff contributing to the study of the properties (spectroscopy and reactivity) of ionized species in diluted medium and to the development and use of analytical techniques implementing separation methods and mass spectrometry adapted to complex samples, including microfluidics.
The topics cover vast areas such as prebiotic chemistry, the chemistry of planetary plasmas and ionospheres, light-ion interaction for the preparation and characterization of ions in the gas phase, lipidomics, peptidomics, analysis of art objects, research into disease biomarkers, development of methods for the separation of isomers or conformers, in particular via ion mobility, development of new methods of introducing the sample, sources of ionization, and analytical methods for medical purposes.
For its activities, the group maintains and has access to an important instrument park covering a wide spectrum of mass spectrometry and separation methods and uses and participates in the development of light sources such as the CLIO free electron laser, a park of IR and VUV lasers, and the SOLEIL synchrotron.