Electron transfer reactions in the condensed phase

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The TEMiC group studies electron transfer reactions in the condensed phase and at nanostructured interfaces by original kinetic, electrochemical and spectroscopic methods developed around the pulsed (ELYSE) and stationary (panoramic irradiator) radiolysis platforms of the ICP. The systems covered range from the study of ultra-rapid fundamental chemical reactions, from the sub-ps to the ns scale, in irradiated solvents (radioactive waste, oxidative stress in proteins), to the synthesis and characterization of metallic nanoparticles. and semiconductors, of nanostructured conductive and conjugated polymers, of polyoxometallates. This research provides innovative solutions through the conversion of solar energy and the development of fuel cells by photo and electro-catalysis in various fields of application: (I) the production and storage of green energy in the form of hydrogen; (II) air and water depollution for sustainable development.