24 January 2023

Séminaire ICP Cécile Feuillie – mardi 24 janvier à 11h

Cécile Feuillie, Institut de Chimie & Biologie des Membranes & des Nano-objets, Bordeaux, will give a seminar on Tuesday, January 24 2023 at 11 am. in salle Magat

Bacterial adhesion in biofilm formation deciphered by AFM


Many microbial pathogens attach to host tissues and implanted devices, leading to the formation of biofilms. Cells in a biofilm are protected from the host defenses and are resistant to antibiotics, making biofilm-associated infections difficult to eradicate. Biofilm formation starts with the attachment of bacteria on biotic or abiotic surfaces, followed by cell– cell interactions and multiplication. The complex set of molecular interactions that occur during biofilm formation is still poorly understood for most species. In the past decades, Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) has been developed as a multifunctional toolbox in order to better understand and quantify the forces leading to cell adhesion and biofilm formation, with high force sensitivity and high spatial resolution.

In this talk, I will focus on how AFM is used to help develop strategies to prevent biofilm formation. I will unravel adhesion mechanisms of key adhesion proteins of Staphyloccus aureus involved in cell-surface adhesion and cell-cell adhesion, using single cell and single molecule force spectroscopy. I will also address how AFM real time imaging allowed deciphering fibrillation mechanisms of functional amyloid filaments from Escherichia coli, that are part of the extracellular matrix holding a biofilm together. Finally, I will briefly discuss how we are using AFM to better understand vascular graft infections, with immediate applications in healthcare.

24 January 2023, 11h0012h00
Salle Magat, ICP