16 June 2022

Séminaire ICP Dmitry KLOKOV – 16 juin 11h

Biological effects of low-dose radiation: from molecules to organisms

Dmitry KLOKOV, responsable du laboratoire à l'IRSN.


Date: June 16, at 11h00 in Salle Magat

Title: Biological effects of low-dose radiation: from molecules to organisms 

Abstract: The assessment of health risks associated with the exposure to low doses of ionizing radiation, e.g. CT scans or occupational exposures, is based on the assumption of linearity of a dose-response curve. Whereas human epidemiological studies of atomic bomb survivors generally support the notion of linearity, radiobiological laboratory studies often report non-linear or protective responses upon low-dose irradiation. This represents a major controversy and sparks debates. Therefore, studies providing mechanistic insights as to what molecular, cellular and tissue responses are triggered by low-dose radiation that can translate into long-term health effects are warranted. This presentation will summarize results of several radiobiological studies where we examined how exposures to various types and doses of ionizing radiation affect the development of various pathologies, such as cancer, atherosclerosis, and neurodevelopment in various laboratory rodent models. Alterations in the associated molecular and cellular mechanisms, e.g., those related to DNA damage and repair, inflammation and neurogenesis will also be presented and discussed. 

16 June 2022, 11h0012h00
Salle Magat, ICP