22 April 2022

Séminaire ICP Tomer Zidki – vendredi 22 avril à 14h30

The Zidki’s group – Redox Reactions Catalyzed by Nanoparticles

Tomer ZidkiThe Department of Chemical Sciences, The Schlesinger Family Center for Compact Accelerators, and the Material Research Center, Ariel University, Israel

In my lecture, I will present my group research over the past years and current projects:

  • A new method for themechanistic study of reduction reactions on nanoparticles’ surfaces.[1] I will explain the strategy behind this method and present the results obtained.
  • The development of a catalytic system for converting gaseous pollutants into fertilizers.
  • Photocatalytic hydrogen evolution reaction – mechanistic aspects.[2]
  • Electrochemical water oxidation catalysts.

I will also review some radical reactions at surfaces.[1-5]

At the end of the talk, I will present the linear electron accelerator (LINAC) system installed in Ariel U.


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22 April 2022, 14h3015h30
Salle Magat, bâtiment 349, ICP